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Nov 11, 2013 11:00am PST
's a transition to medicare. what happens after you retire when you're no longer in the plan from the work that you've done your whole career? what do we need to know about what medicare looks like indental work? >> the problem with the medicare world is dentistry is not included in that. so most people, if you can't get a group plan from your work, where you're working at the present, in retirement, you're forced to get an individual plan. that tends to have coverage all over the board. the one general rule that tends to be lower than what you have now. >> i'm going to ask you about orthodontics and teenagers. back when i was a kid, it was a frightening experience. you brought up orthodontics and senior citizens. tell us about that. >> orthodontics can be a great solution for preventive care. when you have teeth that are crooked and hard to access with your cleaning tools, they can be more susceptible to problems in the future. gum disease, decay. our orthodontists are great. they are seeing adults almost as much as they are kids now, straightening the teeth, allowing them to be in a bett
Nov 18, 2013 11:00am PST
. >> they state that it may be too much in common that it will mess up their medicare or their social security. does the reverse mortgage interfere with that? >> it does not. it is not in come technically, it is a loan and you are barring from your home equity that you pay back. it is not taxable. if you do not claim it on your taxes. when you file your taxes--it is a perfect supplement for other kinds of income. >> i like it because it is selling your home without selling at. you can do it with a reverse mortgage if you are 62 years old. it is the same concept. are there any restrictions? >> you can draw funds to pay off your existing mortgage up to the limit. you have a certain amount that is based for you based on your value of your home is your age. they have a new restriction on the amount of cash that you can take because they're are recent programs within this reverse mortgage that people have taken the full lump sum. s h eight insurance program and they are putting in more in a financial aspect to keep this money stretched out. >> people come to meet who are housed ridge, a cash poor a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2